Tool shop

We are specialized for the construction and the installation of modular/unitized progressive die/follow-on composite tools. As well as superlative level of difficulties like tools for different press-in zones, tools for the handling of bond materials (dry running water meter) or the feeding of contact riveting or separate parts can be realized without difficulties. We build tools not only for our own production but also for our customers.

We design and develop with you hand in hand

Thank to our specialized personnel and long lasting and reliable deliverer we are able to provide you a master plan and a comprehensive support service. Our attain­ment includes the design in 3D (VISI), manufacturing, installation to the point of adjustment and acceptance of your tool. In the process it is irrelevant if you develop and manufacture with our hapema standard or your individual require­ments. Our portfolio on tool technique at a glance:

  • punching tools
  • bending tools
  • bending separating tools with abstraction drawer
  • all flexible and solid press in zones according to customer guideline and release
  • classified tools
  • stamping tools for the processing and handling of bond materials (dry running water meter)
  • wire rivet and contact rivet tool
  • tools with thread moldering unit
  • deep drawn tool and transfer tool

Samples / Tools

For every product idea the right solution

Due to hapemas more than 30 years long experience and the whole know how our hapema team is extremely flexible in customer specifications and wishes. Non-standard solutions including manufacturing proposals we manage by using a found support service by our specialists with the required survey. Latest CAM combined machining centre in all departments provides an efficient and trouble free manufacturing process for example the milling department incl. HSC the grinding department incl. optical profile grinding as well as die sinking and wire erosion. Our machinery at first glance: