Stamping processes

In the field stamping processes our customers focus an efficient solutions and technical perfection particularly when it is a matter of serial production of aggregate and precision stamping parts. These requirement we underline with the certification IATF 16949.

Precision out of the house hapema

Equipped with 8 Bruderer stamping machines we manufacture stamping parts in band/tape thickness from 0.05 to 3.00 mm and a bandwidth up to 200 mm in all current materials and surfaces in multi shift operation:

  • punch scrap
  • patented press fit zones (e. g. EloPin®)
  • micro stamping parts
  • stamping parts with bond facing (e. g. AlSi, NiNiP, Bond-Ni, Bond-Au, NiPdAu)
  • stamping parts with wire and contact riveting
  • annular contact (coined/stamped and rolled)
  • multi component stamping parts
  • drawn component/drawn part/pressing
  • sample parts (pierced, lasering or EDM-bent/curved with pilot tool)

Our machinery at first glance:

Samples / Stamping parts

We manufacture and deliver as band/tape goods on coils, single parts as bulk good or lying in blisters packets. Our high quality is controlled by surface cameras or respectively cameras for geometry testing, grinding surface pattern device and insertion force measuring instrument. Die checks are realized with CAQ.