Compression processing / spare parts and wear parts

To provide our customers process and planning reliability is our sovereign/topmost priority. To last production interruptions as low as possible we manufacture spare and wear parts repeat accuracy, flexible and on just in time. A supervision of availability is guaranteed by our PPS system.

So it keeps promptly going

If individual piece or production parts – from the simple drill hole beyond grinding unit finally arriving hard milling we manufacture spare and wear parts made of carbide, powder steels, steel, copper repeatable, flexible and punctual according to customer specification or existing data. We realize gladly plating/coatings in TiCN, TiCN+TiN, TiCN+DIc or SYLIN. Framework agreements including consignment stock keeping is possible.

Furthermore we support you if problems as well as further developments for optimizing your tool live times in consideration of economic aspects.

Samples / Spare / Active Parts